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Z rynków wschodzących stawiam na Azję

Peter Bodis, wiceprezes Pioneer Pekao Investment Management, zakłada w najbliższych latach wzrosty. Sprzyjać im będzie ograniczenie inflacji, które utrzyma niskie rentowności obligacji, pomoże akcjom i ustabilizuje notowania surowców.… »

What Is Next for Bond Yields?

At the 2014 European Investment Conference, Steven Major, CFA, global head of fixed-income research at HSBC, explained that a year ago his team was criticized for predicting long-term government… »

Two Questions I Am Asking to Survive This Market

In an accelerating world, I find it necessary to always be learning if I hope to survive. With markets exhibiting notable volatility, I would urge all enterprising investors to… »

How to Invest If You Can’t Outperform the Market

Even if some people are able to outperform the market, most people are not. In financial jargon, most people do not have an edge over the market. This means… »

Bruce Berkowitz’s Bogus Bombast

The Fed’s serial bubble machine has not only bestowed massive speculative windfalls on the 1%, but it has also fostered a noxious culture of plunder and entitlement in the… »