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6 Ways How Bitcoin Will Disrupt Finance Industry

There’s a lot of hype about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology in recent months. Whereas most of mainstream business threat this technology as virtual currency for geeks or tulip mania… »

Z rynków wschodzących stawiam na Azję

Peter Bodis, wiceprezes Pioneer Pekao Investment Management, zakłada w najbliższych latach wzrosty. Sprzyjać im będzie ograniczenie inflacji, które utrzyma niskie rentowności obligacji, pomoże akcjom i ustabilizuje notowania surowców.… »

Are Currencies a Stand-Alone Asset Class for Investors?

Speaking at the 2014 European Investment Conference, Tarun Ramadorai, professor of financial economics at the Saïd Business School, argued that currencies are increasingly seen as a standalone asset class… »

A Bitcoin Adventure: How to Buy and Sell Crypto-Currencies

To coincide with the release of our policy brief on crypto-currencies, I have written a post about my experiences attempting and ultimately succeeding in buying, trading, and selling bitcoins… »