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zdjęcie do tekstu zerowego Wyzwania na drugą dekadę

Przez pierwsze 10 lat liczba członków Stowarzyszenia wzrosła siedmiokrotnie. Liczba wyzwań i oczekiwań jeszcze mocniej.… »

zdjęcie do tekstu pierwszego 1 Czy rynek potrzebuje edukacji?

Brazylia w recesji, zwalniające Chiny, Rosja praktycznie na wojnie, Indie i Turcja po wyborach, Polska… sami dobrze wiemy – gdzie w tej sytuacji najlepiej lokować kapitał? Jak radzić sobie… »

Wall Street Is One Sick Puppy – Thanks To Even Sicker Central Banks

Last Wednesday the markets plunged on a vague recognition that the central bank promoted recovery story might not be on the level. But that tremor didn’t last long. Right… »

What Is Next for Bond Yields?

At the 2014 European Investment Conference, Steven Major, CFA, global head of fixed-income research at HSBC, explained that a year ago his team was criticized for predicting long-term government… »

Are Currencies a Stand-Alone Asset Class for Investors?

Speaking at the 2014 European Investment Conference, Tarun Ramadorai, professor of financial economics at the Saïd Business School, argued that currencies are increasingly seen as a standalone asset class… »

Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes on the Common Mistakes Research Analysts Make

In the first half of my interview with Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes, he shared the intuition behind the Black–Scholes option pricing model and its extensions. We then moved on… »

Geopolitics and Economics: Markets and Analysts Must Connect the Dots

Geopolitical conflicts, from Ukraine to Syria, are connected to economic pressures, said Philippa Malmgren, president and founder of DRPM Group, at the 2014 European Investment Conference. Malmgren argued that… »

Two Questions I Am Asking to Survive This Market

In an accelerating world, I find it necessary to always be learning if I hope to survive. With markets exhibiting notable volatility, I would urge all enterprising investors to… »

What’s Next for China and India?

The economic might of China and India has long been established, yet the question of what’s next for these two economic powerhouses has become pivotal. Facing headwinds in the… »

Can Financial Advisers Make Their Clients Happy?

Financial advisers work with their clients to understand their goals and needs, then suggest investments that make sense in that context, and thereafter consult with them periodically to make… »

A Bitcoin Adventure: How to Buy and Sell Crypto-Currencies

To coincide with the release of our policy brief on crypto-currencies, I have written a post about my experiences attempting and ultimately succeeding in buying, trading, and selling bitcoins… »

Three Charts That Will Rekindle Your Interest in Financial Market History

Interest in financial history (as measured by Google Trends data) has been declining fairly steadily since April 2004 and has since fallen by about 80%. If that roughly describes… »

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Alibaba, Apple Pay, and Asset Allocation

Alibaba and Apple were in fierce competition this past week . . . for the headlines. The two tech giants picked the same day for their long-awaited events. Alibaba’s… »

Six Probable Investment Mistakes

Recently I read a quote that said, “Experience is what others call mistakes.” As we are all humans, we all make mistakes. We make progress by learning from mistakes.… »